10 Actors Who CHEATED Incredible Body Transformations For Movies

8. Pretty Much Everyone - 300

Stelios 300
Warner Bros.

Now, nobody is going to take away the legitimacy of the now infamous workouts that the 300 cast were forced to go through ahead of shooting, because the regimes inspired a whole generation of fans to plan to get themselves in peak physical condition by throwing tyres around and stuff, but it clearly wasn't enough.

Even though his actors already looked impressive in their delightfully risqué loincloths and wholly ineffectual "armour", there was some trickery on show to make the muscles even more rippling. While there were accusations of digitally enhanced muscles, that's pretty ridiculous and would never have worked (well, Warner Bros couldn't delete a single moustache years later, let alone retouching abs on every frame), but the team did use make-up and dark spray tans to deepen muscle crevices.

Some of them, like David Wenham's were more obviously painted on than others.

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