10 Actors Who Could Be The Next James Bond

10. Idris Elba

File photo dated 02/10/14 of Idris Elba whose maverick detective John Luther is heading back to TV with two special episodes set for BBC One next year.
Leon Neal/PA Wire

Starting where the rest of the world's media is, Idris Elba's name first get mentioned in the same sentence as Bond following the leak of a few sensitive Sony emails. Some fans were in uproar, some were beside themselves with joy, but it still bears repeating that he would make a fantastic 007.

Elba's shown he can do brooding in Luther, flaunted his action credentials in Pacific Rim and, if you've ever seen him talking in public, demonstrated a level of slick, suave, and sophisticated wise-cracking that would put some previous incumbents of the role to shame.

While some opponents to his appointment point to a particular physical characteristic not making him suitable for the part, it's obvious to everybody else that there's no reason that a man with a goatee couldn't play James Bond. Beyond how he looks, Ian Fleming wrote Bond as the coolest man on the entire planet and on that basis alone Elba's the natural choice.

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