10 Actors Who Could Play Black Panther In The Sequel

Black Panther 2 starts shooting in July, but who will assume the mantle of the beloved MCU hero?

Black Panther Shuri
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Let's first address that which is indisputable: no one will EVER be Chadwick Boseman. He's irreplaceable. He was a star among stars, and - in the brief time he was allowed to grace our screens - he made an indelible impact, solidifying himself as one of the most gifted actors of our generation. Boseman passing away before he had the chance to reach his zenith will surely go down as one of the most tragic untimely losses in the history of film.

Many people are wholly against the idea of casting a new actor in the role, and understandably so. He will forever be T'Challa to millions upon millions of adoring fans, no matter how Marvel decides to proceed with Black Panther going forward. That's where the question arises: how WILL Marvel decide to proceed?

Marvel VP Victoria Alonso recently shot down the idea of using a CGI double for Chadwick Boseman, so the two options they have are: allow a preexisting character to take up the mantle, or allow a new actor to carry the torch. If it's the latter, it has to be done in a way that doesn't diminish the incomparable job Chadwick Boseman did bringing the character to life.

Whether Marvel decide to recast or pass the mantle onto a pre-existing character, here are 10 actors who could play Black Panther in the sequel, some familiar to the series, others not so much.

10. Old: Michael B. Jordan

Black Panther Shuri
Marvel Studios

One of the most requested options going around is also one of the least likely. Fans ADORED Killmonger, with many ranking him as Marvel's absolute best villain above foes like Thanos, Loki, and the Vulture. Some even argued that he stole the show from the film's main character. That's a testament not only to the first Black Panther film's writing and direction, but - above all - Michael B. Jordan's skill as an actor.

When Boseman tragically passed away, many fans took to the internet to petition for Killmonger to be revived with the Infinity Stones, and for him to come back a changed man. The big problem with that? The Infinity Stones were destroyed! Thanos said so himself. So reviving Killmonger with the Stones just isn't possible.

That doesn't mean he can't be brought back in some other capacity though. Perhaps he could have a continued presence on the astral plane, where T'Challa (or another character) can commune with him.

Still, he seemed pretty definitively dead at the end of the first film. It's likely meant to stay that way, but given Boseman's passing, it's possible that the writers will find a way to revive the beloved character.


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