10 Actors Who Could Play Indiana Jones In Reboot

So, who's next to put on the fedora?

When news broke last week that Disney was planning on potentially re-booting the Indiana Jones franchise, the web went crazy as it was speculated that the role would also transition to another actor. The name floating around in connection to the project: Bradley Cooper. With the colossal announcement and purchase of Lucasfilm a few years ago, Disney not only purchased the rights to the Star Wars franchise but also that of Indiana Jones. Many fans were up in arms with the 2008 release of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and the mixed fan reaction that it received. While it was great to once again see the character on screen, many felt that George Lucas was at it again in driving another one of his franchises into the ground. Since the release of the fourth and final outing, many have wondered if they'd ever witness a fifth film and another attempt at correcting the franchise ship. Countless rumours linked to the Indiana Jones franchise have involved Harrison Ford and his supposed attachment to the up coming Star Wars film. It is believed that a deal has been made with Ford coming back Star Wars with another Indy film a part of the deal. At this time everything is still speculation but the Bradley Cooper news brings the franchise into light. With an Indiana Jones movie all but guaranteed as some point in the near future, lets take a look at 10 possible actors to take up the whip and fedora in the next film...

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