10 Actors Who Did Not Take Credit For Big Movie Roles

9. Gary Oldman - Hannibal 

Matt Damon Interstellar

Ridley Scott's 2001 adaptation of Thomas Harris' eponymous novel is remembered for a particularly gruesome dinner climax...and not very much else. Fans of the novel disliked that the film did not go far enough, while the uninitiated felt it went too far. David Mamet's script was over-the-top, and audiences felt that Anthony Hopkins' portrayal of Hannibal "The Cannibal" Lecter was something best taken in small doses rather than the hammy lead role here.

Gary Oldman played Mason Verger, the only victim of the good doctor who lived, albeit horrifically deformed and wheel-chair bound. He's all but unrecognizable in the role.

Originally, Oldman had requested to share top-billing with Julianne Moore and Hopkins. But when the studio refused, he decided he should remain inconspicuous under the make-up instead.


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