10 Actors Who Didn't Realise They Were Auditioning For Movie Roles

9. Wayne Knight's Sweating Seals The Deal For Spielberg - Jurassic Park

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Some directors feel that a character may live or die based on a thespian's superstar smile.

Others believe that it's impossible to move forward with a role unless the actor in question possesses the sort of charisma and charm that is simply undeniable.

And then there's Steven Spielberg, a director who sensed that he absolutely needed someone who could deliver the damp if he was going to make Dennis Nedry the true scourge of his Jurassic Park.

So, after taking in Wayne Knight's dripping exploits during Basic Instinct's infamous interrogation scene, with his cop John Correli gradually perspiring more and more with each passing tense moment in the well-known leg-crossing sequence, the dino-director quickly got on the phone to the actor's agent.

As Knight would eventually recall after being informed of unintentionally impressing the director with his drips, his agent told him that Spielberg's comments consisted of the film legend admitting, "I see him in close-ups, sweating, only instead of open legs, it's a dinosaur."

Just like that, Knight brilliantly traded Basic Instinct for Basic Extinct and immortalised himself as the mother of all Jurassic slime balls in the process.

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