10 Actors Who Didn't Want To Be Credited For Movie Roles

5. Matt Damon In Interstellar

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If Christopher Nolan agreed to cast you in a film, what would you be willing to give up to make it happen? Pay cut? No chairs on set? Or perhaps having your name removed from any associated publicity before the film's release?

Everyone's favourite everyman decided to do just that. With Nolan's usual approach of absolute secrecy, it's hardly surprising that even someone as well known, well loved and probably well expensive as Matt Damon would take one for the collective Nolan team.

Interstellar is a staggering piece of movie making - an epic sic-fi story that holds the fate of mankind in one hand and the love between a father and his daughter in the other. Despite some complaints about the ending, the lack of clarity on exactly how the science takes a literal back seat to the emotional pay-off of the story and some rare issues with Nolan's usually impeccable pacing, it's powerful stuff.

Damon plays Dr. Mann, a scientist and explorer stranded on one of several planets nominated as possible off-world colonies for the dying human race. When faced with the very real possibility of being permanently marooned, he lures the unwitting Coop (McConaughey) and crew into staging a rescue/colonisation mission, with disastrous consequences.

Nolan and Damon realised that if no one knew Damon was in the film, when he showed up, most would be relieved - 'Ok, Matt Damon is here, everything's going to be fine.' In a unexpected twist, Damon plays totally against type and attempts kill Coop, steal the ship and potentially doom all mankind.


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