10 Actors Who Distanced Themselves From What Made Them Great

Zac Efron went from singing tweener to serial killer...


Actors spend years trying to break into an industry that is infamously quite impenetrable and even when they do manage to get that all important crack at the big time, there's no guaranteeing that the project they're attached to will be a hit.

So, when the stars actually do align and an actor finds themselves in a film or series that attracts not just a casual audience, but critical success too, you'd expect them to bask in that acclaim.

Yet more often than not, those actors who find themselves stapled to roles - long after their final scene in the feature has been shot - can begin to resent ever taking the job in the first place.

You can never truly know what character is going to catapult you into the realm of greatness and most casual fans don't mean any harm when they call out 'WOLVERINE' at an unsuspecting Hugh Jackman in the middle of his Sunday grocery shop.

However, this unbreakable connection to a part can drive many actors into denouncing the projects or figures that made fans put them on a platform in the first place.

No one enjoys being pigeon-holed and this lot would rather you remember them for something other than their most notable roles.

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