10 Actors Who Gave The Best Performance Of Their Careers In 2020

9. Amanda Seyfried - Mank

Robert Pattinson Tenet

Opinion appears to be a little divided among film fans when it comes to David Fincher’s latest outing about the screenwriter who wrote Citizen Kane. Some think it’s his best yet, some think it’s his worst. And, as always, most people are landing somewhere in between these two extremes.

But what critics and Fincher fans alike are not divided on is Amanda Seyfried’s performance as Hollywood actress and socialite Marion Davies. It’s always a challenge for an actor to portray a real-life person in a film, especially if the real person was a larger-than-life character. But Seyfried has the skill necessary to avoid slipping into cliché or caricature when bringing Marion to life.

Although the character first appears to be a total airhead, Seyfried helps bring the different shades of her complex personality to the surface and proves more than a match for Gary Oldman’s witty, drunken portrayal of Herman J. Mankowitz.

You’ll have to decide for yourself if the overall movie is anything to write home about, but there’s already whispers of a Best Supporting Actress nomination for Seyfried next year, and it would be well deserved.


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