10 Actors Who Gave Their Best & Worst Performance In The Same Year

9. Patrick Stewart - 2017

Spider-Man: No Way Home/The Power of the Dog
20th Century Fox/Sony Pictures

Sir Patrick Stewart is one of the modern-day greats of the acting world.

In a career brimming with excellent turns on screens both big and small, and the stage, it could easily be argued that the greatest movie performance of Sir Patrick's is his appearance as an elderly, unstable and ill Charles Xavier in 2017's Logan.

There, audiences found a Professor X whose extreme powers had been left erratic due to his age and a brain disease. As this frail Charles, Stewart was on phenomenal form, bringing a whole array of varying emotions to this beloved character.

Somewhat bizarrely, that same year also saw Patrick Stewart take on the role of Poop in The Emoji Movie. Yes, as in the great thespian and star of stage and screen - the man who is forever immortalised as the iconic Jean-Luc Picard of Star Trek lore - was relegated to voicing a literal piece of s**t.

To his credit, Stewart was fine as Poop. It's just, y'know, this is somewhat of a low for someone of Sir Patrick's quality. As such, by default this marks the worst performance of his career, purely for how everything he's ever done is better than The Emoji Movie.


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