10 Actors Who Got Severely Injured In Movies (But Just Ran With It)

Even broken bones couldn't stop these pros.

Seven Brad
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Acting like many other professions can carry its fair share of risks. Whilst it is very easy to think of actors just being a bunch of overpaid primadonnas, many of them genuinely do love what they do so much that they are willing to carry on at their job even if they hurt themselves whilst doing it.

Sometimes the moment an actor injures themselves is in the middle of a crucial scene where they find themselves in full flow and choose not to acknowledge they are hurt until they hear someone yell cut, and said scene might actually end up making its way into the final cut of the film thanks to the added emotion.

At other times an actor might be completely incapacitated from either a freak accident or a dangerous stunt that has gone wrong, only for them to walk back into work as soon as they get out of the hospital, or are given the all-clear by a doctor on set.

Props are very much due then to these 10 Actors That Got Injured On Set And Ran With It.

10. Linda Hamilton Suffers Permanent Ear Loss (Terminator 2)

Seven Brad
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Reprising her role as Sarah Connor in the sequel to the original Terminator, Linda Hamilton seriously committed to toughening up for her role in Judgement Day.

Committing to some serious training to get as physically capable for the part as possible, and also being trained by a former Israeli commando who invented the Uzi (Uziel Gal), Hamilton was certainly more than capable of pulling off all the stunts and gunfights her character got involved in.

Although firing off all those guns did catch up with her in one particular scene.

Whilst trying to escape the clutches of the T-1000 in an asylum elevator, co-star Arnold Schwarzenegger fires shell after shell out of his shotgun into the ceiling, however, Hamilton forgot to put her earplugs in before filming and firing the gun in such close confines permanently damaged the hearing in one of her ears.

Hamilton isn't the type to let a little thing like hearing loss get in her way though, and after being checked over, she went back to work and continued filming the movie.


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