10 Actors Who Hated Working On Their Own Movies

10. Katherine Heigl - Knocked Up

Universal Pictures

To be a little reductive, women in Judd Apatow movies don’t get to have a lot of fun. While the men are off getting into scrapes and learning important life lessons, the women - generally wives and girlfriends of said man-children - stand around with folded arms and permanently rolling eyes. They might get a quip or two to disdainfully spit, but that’s about it.

That was certainly Katherine Heigl’s experience working on Knocked Up. The film did a lot for her career, which she has always acknowledged, but she had issues with the character, who she felt was “humourless and uptight”.

It’s hard to argue with Heigl here. Knocked Up, like much of Apatow’s work, is flabby and loose, but even with its extended runntime they couldn’t squeeze in funny material for her character.

Heigl didn’t waste much time in voicing these views, critiquing the role only a year after release. This didn’t end too well for the actress: after Apatow and co-star Seth Rogen reacted badly to her comments, a sizeable backlash hit Heigl, and arguably her career has never really recovered. Which kind of makes you think she’s got a point about sexism in the industry.


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