10 Actors Who Haven't Made A Good Movie In YEARS

These actors desperately need a hit movie.

Blacklight Liam Neeson
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The life of an actor sure is a strange and uncertain one, where you can go from being the toast of Hollywood to becoming the industry punching bag within a mere matter of weeks.

All it takes is one high-profile flop to turn the public tide against an actor, but that transpires into something else entirely when they begin starring in dud project after dud project.

That's certainly true of these 10 actors, all of whom have proven themselves talented performers over the years yet, for one reason or another, are currently stuck in a major rut where the quality of their work is concerned.

Perhaps they simply feel like they've got nothing left to prove and are happily cashing in on their fame before retirement, or maybe they desperately need a new agent with a better nose for quality projects.

Whatever the reason, these actors have all been bereft of critically acclaimed work in recent years - or, in some cases, decades - all while their fans desperately wait for them to land another worthwhile gig that finally breaks the streak. As ever, we'll have to wait and see...

10. Mark Wahlberg

Blacklight Liam Neeson

Most people wouldn't consider Mark Wahlberg an over-the-hill actor by any means, but he's certainly been slumming it in a slew of forgettable, unremarkable movies in recent years.

Wahlberg's last well-received movie was 2018's Instant Family (81%), and all seven movies he's appeared in since have been pilloried by critics, with his most recent release - Netflix's Me Time - landing a career-worst score of 6%.

In Wahlberg's case his critical downturn coincided with his career focus shifting away from major theatrical blockbusters - with the exception of Uncharted - towards streaming movies.

Films like Spenser Confidential (36%), Infinite (17%), and Me Time were dumped on their respective streaming services with little fanfare amid negative reviews, even if they performed relatively well in terms of viewing figures.

All the same, Wahlberg seems perfectly happy giving basically the same Mark Wahlberg Performance in every movie these days, regardless of genre, and so it's little surprise that critics are readily dinging him for so obviously phoning it in time and time again.

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