10 Actors Who Haven't Made A Good Movie In YEARS

9. Morgan Freeman

Blacklight Liam Neeson

At 85 years of age, with an Oscar and a more than 50-year acting career behind him, Morgan Freeman has absolutely nothing to prove to anyone.

But at the same time, his sheer presence evokes so much gravitas that it's a shame he's getting close to an entire decade without appearing in even a single acclaimed film.

If you take away Freeman's appearances in a few documentary projects and his various voiceover roles, we haven't seen him physically appear on-screen in a critically praised movie since 2014's Dolphin Tale 2 (66%).

Since then, Freeman has a stonking seventeen panned movies to his name, many of them low-rent thrillers like Last Knights (16%), The Poison Rose (0%), Vanquish (5%), Paradise Highway (18%), and most recently the preposterously-titled The Minute You Wake Up Dead (0%).

And you know what? Freeman has certainly earned the right to cash-in on his good name and make off with some easy paychecks in the twilight era of his career, even if it'd be great to see him back in a quality project with a renowned filmmaker at least once more.

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