10 Actors Who Just Gave Their Worst Ever Movie Performances

9. Liam Neeson - Blacklight

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Fatigue has well and truly set in with Liam Neeson's brand of post-Taken action thrillers, which while generally at least watchable, finally dipped into outright trash territory with Blacklight.

A rare universally panned action joint from Neeson, Blacklight is an exhaustingly generic thriller hampered by not only a slack script and feckless direction, but also Neeson's own sluggish performance in the lead role.

As FBI fixer Travis Block, it's painfully clear that the 70-year-old Neeson's enthusiasm for these roles has all-but-evaporated, and he's basically just collecting a huge paycheck for a few weeks of gruff chit-chat and pretending to beat down men a fraction of his own age.

Though Neeson has typically delivered solidly grizzled performances in even his worst action vehicles to date, in Blacklight the transactional nature of his appearance couldn't seem more transparent.

This is a tired actor who desperately needs to quit the action beat, yet with a number of genre films at various stages of development on his IMDB profile, things could certainly get worse yet.

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