10 Actors Who Made An Insane Amount Of Movies In One Year

Nobody needs to be in eight movies in one year. Nobody.

There's nothing wrong with having a good work ethic, but there's a big difference between having a good work ethic and being a total workaholic. In Hollywood, there's a sense that everybody works hard; given that the film industry contains some of the most sought after jobs in the world, you really have to earn your place and keep on top of the competition. Actors, generally speaking, tend to appear in a couple of movies each year, then, though appearing in three (or sometimes four) isn't totally out of the ordinary - nor is just featuring in a single motion picture of the tentpole kind. But there's no real standard or set rule. Sometimes, though, a weird thing happens: either an actor works to such an extent that they end up in a truly crazy amount of movies in one year (when do you sleep, guys?), or - through sheer chance - a bunch of films shot over the course of many years end up being released in the same year. Which presents the associated actor as one who quite simply cannot stop working for fear that they'll, like, die or something if they don't keep at it...
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