10 Actors Who Make Everything They're In Better

When these actors are on-screen, even the worst film is worth sticking around for.

Blue Valentine
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Even if a movie or TV show is terrible, it can salvaged on a pure entertainment level by good acting. It helps if the story playing out on-screen is compelling and well executed, but at the end of the day if an actor can't sell audiences their character or the drama unfolding around them, it's not worth the trouble.

Luckily, the following actors always understand the assignment. They've appeared in family dramas, disaster movies, psychological horrors, indie romances, biopics and everything in-between, and throughout their careers have always been the best thing about the movie or series they're a part of.

These actors aren't all big stars, though. No, the focus here isn't on the Brad Pitts, Matt Damons and Charlize Therons of the world, who can carry fair-to-middling blockbusters in their sleep, but on predominately supporting stars who've made an art form out of stealing the show from the sideline.

Acting may be a tough gig, but these stars make it look easy, and you know if they're around the show or movie they're in isn't going to be a total bust. With that in mind, here are 10 actors who make everything they're in better, just by showing up.

10. Carrie Coon

Blue Valentine

Every now and again, an actor appears as if from nowhere and sets themselves up as the next big thing. One of the more recent examples of this is Carrie Coon, who started out in theatre before landing a role in both David Fincher's Gone Girl and the TV series The Leftovers in 2014.

With these flawless debuts, Coon proved herself an actress of unlimited depth and bravery, creating performances that are as tragically human as they are empowering, vulnerable, and altogether transformative.

She continued her TV success with a role in the third season of Fargo, for which she was nominated for an Emmy, and has since appeared in such films as The Post, Widows, and the madly underrated The Nest, giving supporting performances in each that often transcended the work of her co-stars.

Hers may not be the first name you think of when you think of a great actor, but there's little doubt watching her work that Carrie Coon is a rare talent who can improve everything she touches, regardless of genre or medium. She'll be on the Academy's radar soon enough.


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