10 Actors Who May Have Given Up Acting

Have these actors quietly entered retirement?

Michael Fassbender Alien Covenant

Given that the vast majority of successful actors keep working into old age, it's easy to forget that, to some, it's a job like anything else and far away from their actual life's passion.

And while we as audiences might selfishly wish that talented actors keep honing their craft until they're old and grey, you can't really blame performers for hanging things up if they don't need the work.

After all, for actors without the desire for lavish lifestyles, a couple of hefty blockbuster pay-days can effectively make them set for life.

Though there are countless actors who have officially declared themselves retired - most recently Daniel Day-Lewis and Cameron Diaz - there are many who appear to be headed that way, yet haven't made it public yet.

These 10 actors all appear to be gravitating away from Hollywood, whether to pursue other interests, because they don't need the money or, in one case, because the industry aggressively ousted them.

Whatever the reason, these famed performers all look to be wrapping up their acting careers and moving on elsewhere, for better or worse...


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