10 Actors Who Openly Hated Working With Their Directors

It's not all cocktail parties and red carpets in Hollywood.

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It takes a couple of things to get ahead in Hollywood. Sure, you can get by on talent, but there's a lot of other factors, like fame, looks, status, personality, and just plain getting lucky.

Everyone's different, and for every dedicated Director there's one who just phones it in; for every total diva actress there's an actress who's just grateful to have the job. There's a lot of big personalities, and sometimes those personalities clash in big ways, and the results can lead to masterpieces and trainwrecks.

Here's ten clashes between the actors and the directors that, for one reason or another, they couldn't stand.


10. Robert Downey Junior Vs. David Fincher - Zodiac


David FIncher is known for being demanding, but the man gets results. From Fight Club to Seven to Gone GIrl, he's built up a reputation for complex films, so his exploration of the notoriously complex Zodiac case was bound to push buttons.

In fact, when you learn about the grueling shooting schedule, with some scenes taking more than seventy takes, it starts to seem less like Fincher was trying to make a movie so much as solve the case from pure earnestness.

Out of the whole cast, nobody got more annoyed than Robert Downey Junior. Whereas most people would grit their teeth or downright leave, he decided to get petty with it. In reaction to the lack of breaks, he left jars of urine around the set as a visual, olfactory and, let's face it, film-appropriate sign of protest.

"I think I'm the perfect person to work for him, because I understand gulags," Downey would later say, and it's hard to deny that he has a point.


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