10 Actors Who Really Don't Belong In Upcoming Movies

Are these actors really the right people for the job?

Do you ever glance over the cast list - or watch a trailer - for an upcoming film, and find yourself wondering why the hell one person's name has found its way into the line-up? Sometimes it only takes one actor to ruin a movie, after all, a notion that couldn't be more apparent in this day and age. Because this is undoubtably an era that thrives on odd casting choices; casting choices primed to mess with the masses. Whether they turn out all right in the end is another matter - sometimes an actor just feel inherently wrong for a film...

10. Jai Courtney - Suicide Squad

Jai Courtney has all the personality of the "default character" you get before you create your own in an open-world video game. His being in literally any movie - from A Good Day To Die Hard or the recent travesty that was Terminator: Genisys - adds almost nothing to the product as a whole. And here he is in upcoming DC Cinematic Universe flick Suicide Squad, in which he plays an unfortunately dumb supervillain/anti-hero called "Captain Boomerang." It's not just that Courtney is dull, it's that he has no distinguishing personality traits at all. He's like the new Sam Worthington (remember him? No?). Suicide Squad is a movie set to bust with great performances from actors who are capable of transformative performances (check out Jared Leto and Margo Robbie); Jai Courtney just seems like a lazy choice on the part of the studio. Why did they select such an inherently boring actor to play such an inherently zany character? In case you didn't know, the Australian Captain Boomerang actually uses a boomerang as his weapon. Seriously. Not only does Courtney feel miscast compared to everyone else in the movie (Will Smith aside, whose appearance is just weird), he has an overall excitement factor of exactly zero. Like, nobody is excited to see him in this role. Finally, there's the notion that Courtney will be doing an Australian accent to play this sideburns-sporting character. No. Just, no.
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