10 Actors Who Refused To Be On Set Together

What happens when you're stuck between The Rock and a hard place?


Ever started a new job and instantly taken a disliking to one of your new colleagues?

It may be down to something as simple as the fact they completely mispronounced your name upon first meeting or perhaps your personalities just don't mesh in the way you would have hoped. Regardless of this immediate disdain, you still have to turn up to work each day and be civil with said person because that's your job.

But, what if you're a big time Hollywood actor working on a potential blockbuster hit? Do these same rules apply to you?

Apparently not.

Whether it's due to a disagreement about a scene, a clash of philosophies or even a top star gyrating in a g-string, if a pair of actors don't see eye to eye they have been known to flex their A-list muscles and flat out refuse to be on the same set together going forward.

These on-set feuds have forced stand-ins into pivotal scenes, seen famous actors fired off projects and even affected some thespians' chances of landing another meaty role in the future.

All because two professional pretenders didn't want to fake liking each other for a while.


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