10 Actors Who Refused To Change Their Bodies For Movie Roles

This bunch of talented actors weren't in a rush to change up their bodies for movie roles.

Nicolas Cage Ghost Rider

Whether you agree with it or not, it's become pretty much the norm to see a thespian put their bodies through the wringer to transform themselves into a completely different entity on the big screen.

For the most part, gone are the days of a performer, you know, acting the part and relying on a highly skilled make-up and prosthetics team doing the majority of the heavy lifting in order to successfully pull off a transition from well-known thespian to compelling big screen character. But, thankfully, there are still those stars who turn their nose up at the concept of having to make drastic physical alterations to their own frames or noggins when trying to convince audiences they're someone else.

Deciding to pile on the muscle or make other painful sacrifices as a way of committing to a project you believe in is still an admirable pursuit, don't get your writer wrong. But it's not hard to see why this bunch of talented actors decided there wasn't much to gain in destroying themselves in the gym or drastically changing-up their million-dollar mugs for the sake of a trip to the movies.

10. Daniel Craig Has A License To Be Blonde - Casino Royale

Nicolas Cage Ghost Rider

It's rather hilarious to look back on the sheer amount of fuss made over the decision to appoint Daniel Craig as the next James Bond in 2005; He was blonde! How could it be?!

In truth, Roger Moore had already technically earned the mantle of the first "Blonde Bond", but that still didn't stop the studio reportedly going out of their way to try and see if the star was happy to change his do up.

As it goes, Craig was willing to do an awful lot to transform his body into one that resembled an agent with a license to kill. But dying his hair was not one of the sacrifices he saw as necessary to play the iconic 007.

In the Bond of 15 years' words back in 2006, “I was asked to dye my hair brown to play this role but it was out of the question. I suggested instead that I could cut my hair really short to create a more brutal appearance.”

Needless to say, the short-haired badass Bond who lit up the screen for five films straight proved that blondes really do have more fun.


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