10 Actors Who Refused To Use Body Doubles

These actors weren't letting a body double steal the spotlight!

Yennefer The Witcher

As much as folks are often quick to poke fun at what can at times seem like a bit of a cushy occupation, the art of acting has been known to throw a performer into some potentially hazardous or uncomfortable situations on occasion. It's during these moments that moviemakers typically don't hesitate to throw another human with similar features into the scenario in order to save time and more importantly money should a star not feel like taking part for whatever reason.

However, not every actor feels the need to sit out a challenging sequence when given the option to allow another equally talented and skilled double to take the reins in front of the camera. In fact, the following collection of dedicated thespians outright scoffed at the idea of another individual helping con the audience into thinking they were still very much present on set during an intimate or explosive exchange.

From old school screen veterans relishing the chance to get physical with the new generation, to actors so impressive that doubles have been left twiddling their thumbs on set thanks to their homework paying dividends, these TV and movie stars did it all themselves... and don't you forget it.

10. Adam Driver - The Rise Of Skywalker

Yennefer The Witcher

As time rolls by, it's becoming increasingly clear that the freakishly gifted Adam Driver's talent seemingly has no actual limits. From making his name in the world of comedy with Girls, to proving he is strong with The Force in the Star Wars Sequels and every critically acclaimed Oscar-contender in-between, just when you think you've seen it all, Driver goes and pulls another supreme talent out of the bag.

It was during his aforementioned venture into the galaxy far, far away where one of these unexpected gifts resulted in Driver's double for the role of Kylo Ren actually being relegated to spectator for much of Rise of Skywalker. As the final entry in the series' stunt co-ordinator Eunice Huthart would later confirm, Driver took to the art of stunt performing so well that "the stunt double never got in costume on The Rise of Skywalker. Adam Driver did everything!"

So on top of having the voice of a damn angel, as seen in his captivating performance of Being Alive in Marriage Story, and a literal former Marine, Driver also just so happens to be "as good as any stuntman."

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