10 Actors Who RUINED Movies In A Single Scene

9. Ben Affleck Goes Full MARTHA! - Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice

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Now it's worth noting how poor Ben Affleck wasn't entirely to blame for the catastrophic mess that was Zack Snyder's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. After all, this is the same film that also boasts Jessie Eisenberg forgetting which DC villain he was playing and being a bottle of green hair dye away from becoming an unwanted Clown Prince of Crime.

However, by the time folks had exited their first viewing of this DCEU dud, there was only one scene fresh in the majority of their minds.

With Affleck's Batman finally in a position to rid the world of Superman once and for all, Kal El let's the Caped Crusader know that this furious Kryptonite-holding Bat is letting Lex Luthor kill his mom, Martha.

And so begins one of the most painful moments of heightened emotion to ever show up in a big-budget comic book flick as Batfleck awkwardly roared at the Henry Cavill below to tell him why he just uttered the name of his own deceased mother.

What should have been the epic picture's emotional climax quickly became arguably its most embarrassing occurrence instead, and made trying to watch the remainder of the super flop with a straight face pretty much impossible.


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