10 Actors Who RUINED Movies In A Single Scene

8. Jennifer Lopez Lets Out A Gobble, Gobble - Gigli

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Another entry, and another movie-ruining moment involving the Academy Award-winning filmmaker Ben Affleck.

Luckily for him, though, he wasn't actually the person responsible for fatally spoiling what was already shaping up to be a disaster of a flick during this specific scene. It was his multi-talented partner Jennifer Lopez who left viewers cringing in their seats during the terrible 2003 rom-com Gigli instead.

As Lopez's Ricki and Affleck's Gigli end up back in an apartment, an attempt at creating a properly steamy exchange between the two only succeeded in eliciting gags as J-Lo teased her scene partner over the way he checked his nails.

The lack of chemistry on show is one thing, but it's Lopez's later horrendous delivery of the lines "it's turkey time" and "gobble, gobble" as Ricki looks to lure Gigli into the sack that are truly unforgivable and all but confirmed this appalling picture was destined for infamy.

A few good things came out of the torturous experience, though, with Affleck eventually noting how critics' massively negative response to Gigli inspired him to direct and allowed him to meet a Lopez he'd marry in 2022 (via EW). So, every cloud.


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