10 Actors Who Said They'd Never Go Back (But Did It Anyway)

"NEVER again!!! ...Okay, maybe once more, then."

Natalie Portman Thor

We've all been there before, a job we once loved that suddenly felt like a chore, the decision made to leave a role that once made us happy. It may be due to a poor working arrangement with your boss, a perception you're being underpaid, or just the desire for a bit of a change, but you make the decision to get out.

Actors are no different and often find themselves leaving roles that to us outsiders look like dream opportunities. The film making process though is not an easy one, and while it may take us a couple of hours and a jumbo popcorn to consume the product, the actor is usually involved in some part of the production process for many months.

Today we're looking at those actors who may have said farewell to a role, but then had a change of heart and returned. While money most definitely talks, the actors on this list also had other more heartfelt reasons to return, from wanting to end their character arc 'the right way', paying homage to former glories or embracing the characteristics of a new director.

So sit back and reflect on which job you might consider going back to as we explore those actors who actually did.

10. Mel Gibson - Lethal Weapon 5

Natalie Portman Thor

In 1998, the Lethal Weapon franchise had appeared to come to an inevitable conclusion. Despite initial misgivings, lead man Mel Gibson agreed to pair up one last time with Danny Glover for a lacklustre fourth entry that definitely seemed to be past its used by date.

Despite regular comments from Glover stating his want to create another Lethal Weapon film, Gibson was clear in declaring that the fourth entry was his last. With leading roles in monster hits such as Signs, What Women Want and The Patriot alongside various directing opportunities, his time as haywire cop Martin Riggs seemed to have passed him by.

It's fair to say that a few things have changed since this time for Gibson, most notably that his reputation has been more than a little tarnished due to certain off camera incidents. While receiving acclaim for his Direction in Hacksaw Ridge, his acting opportunities have largely dried up.

It still came as a surprise though when news came out last month that he and Glover had signed on to make a fifth Lethal Weapon film. Gibson is 64 years old and the film is only in early stages of pre-production, so it's hard to know just how age will impact his ability to portray the temperamental Riggs. It will be even a bigger challenge for Glover, with the 73 year old now getting seriously too old for this...


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