10 Actors Who Said They'd Never Go Back (But Did It Anyway)

9. Johnny Depp - 21 Jump Street

Natalie Portman Thor

An interesting entry to the list, this is an example of an actor getting a case of nostalgia after initially doing whatever it took to get out of the role. Depp was the star of 80's TV show 21 Jump Street, starring as Officer Tom Hanson, an undercover operative whose boyish good looks allowed him to infiltrate high schools (for the purposes of his job, of course).

Despite being contracted for a third season, Depp was desperate to leave the show. He was highly sort after in Hollywood circles and the Jump Street filming schedule was impacting his ability to accept roles. Depp became so desperate to leave the show that he made more and more ridiculous demands for himself and his character in an attempt to get himself sacked.

Despite being credited as appearing in two episodes of season 4, Officer Hanson was nowhere to be seen, Depp free to take on bigger Hollywood roles. While declaring his Jump Street days behind him, Depp was a good sport when called to reprise his role in the satirised movie version of the show- on one condition.

The producers were happy to oblige to the request to have former co-star Peter DeLuise reprise his role as Doug Penhall alongside Depp's reprisal of Tom Hanson. It was a true highlight of the film, delivered in great tongue in cheek style from the original leads of the show.


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