10 Actors Who Should Play Future James Bond Movie Villains

Could they be expecting Mr Bond anytime soon?

Split James McAvoy

James Bond has some of the best villains in all of cinema, and in recent years the franchise has attracted some big names to portray 007’s enemies.

The likes of Mads Mikkelsen, Javier Bardem, and Christoph Waltz, all brought something new and exciting, and Rami Malek looks to be no exception.

But, with Daniel Craig officially announcing, that ‘No Time to Die’ will be his last outing as 007, it is time to consider what the future may hold for James Bond.

With Bond himself being recast, the next film will likely see some sort of an overhaul take place. This might be achieved through a shift in tone, or by recasting other key characters. Regardless, a reboot of any kind, gives those behind the scenes the chance to write and develop the next generation of big bads.

As important as the casting of Bond himself is, the casting of future villains could prove to be just as crucial. After all, if the old saying is true, and a hero really is only as good as the villain, then 007’s future foes, could be the key to the Bond franchise sticking around for another 25 films.

10. David Tennant

Split James McAvoy
Marvel Studios

While David Tennant is typically a television actor, if you’ve ever seen any of his performances, you know he is more than capable of making the transition to the big screen if given a proper chance.

Tennant's most famous for playing a larger than life hero in ‘Doctor Who’, but his dramatic roles demonstrate just how much range he has. His work in ‘Broadchurch’ is a perfect example, as he portrays a severely broken character struggling with loss and failure, while desperately trying to redeem himself.

It is this ability to give such layered performances that would make Tennant a fantastic Bond Villain. It would make the audience highly sympathetic to any character he was to portray, a necessity for any great villain, as it makes them that much more memorable and compelling.

It must also be remembered that Tennant is no stranger to playing villains. His work as Kilgrave, in Netflix’s ‘Jessica Jones’ was particularly incredible, and really gave life to the smooth talking, obsessive, and maniacal sociopath.

Tennant also gave Kilgrave an unpredictability and intensity, that heightened his insanity, and made the performance that much more enjoyable to watch.

Take that unpredictable insanity, swap the mind control for unlimited resources, an obsession with Jessica Jones for an obsession with James Bond, and you’ve got the building blocks of a great villain for 007.


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