10 Actors Who Should Replace Ben Affleck As Batman

Fan-casting the unthinkable...

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Whisper it, but there may be a possibility that Ben Affleck won't be involved in The Batman at all.

He's already scaled back his involvement, dropping his writing credit and vacating the director's chair and now there are some rumblings that he may be compelled to leave the project entirely. Mercifully, right now he says he's committed to playing Bruce Wayne, but the rumour mill seems to suggest that something is amiss and the conspiracy theorists among Bat-fans have leapt on the idea that there's more the situation than meets the eye.

And then this...

Uh-oh. So what now?

There are some incredible choices that are now completely beyond the realms of reality: Jeffrey Dean Morgan has now already played a Wayne, so Bruce is unlikely; Alec Baldwin is too old; Michael Keaton too far gone... But imagine any of them playing an older, wizened Batman for a minute. It's enough to get you Bat-moist.


So who SHOULD Warner Bros turn to if the rumours of Ben Affleck's possible departure turn out to be concrete?


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