10 Actors Who Thought They Were Absolutely Sh*t At Acting

Those times actors felt they just weren't all that good at the whole "acting" thing...

Daniel Radcliffe
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While it's sometimes fairly easy to put a bad shift behind you and never give said horrible day at the office another second of thought in other fields, the world of acting often doesn't give performers that same luxury.

Once their work is captured on camera for the big or small screen, it's there... for all of eternity. Or at least until the Internet has a meltdown or technology suddenly refuses to play ball!

Just imagine having to relive a particularly poor attempt at getting the job right over and over again whilst trying to actually promote said terrible turn. Or having to sit through what you likely class as your darkest hour every time your own child feels like throwing on a movie at home.

Well, this lot didn't have to because they were all forced at one point or another to sit through a feature that they most definitely wouldn't confess to being their strongest performance on a set... with some of the most talented thespians working today even admitting to sh*tt*ng the bed somewhat with the following performances.

From feeling they simply weren't all that good in the feature in question, to outright classing themselves as a bad actor at one stage of their career, this lot were all too happy to throw themselves and their work under the bus on these occasions.

10. Christina Ricci Is Embarrassed By Her Performance In Casper

Daniel Radcliffe

Acting from a young age can be a rather complicated thing to live with as an actor matures and grows within the industry.

On one hand, getting to ply your trade from a young age alongside some of the strongest and most seasoned talent the business has to offer isn't the worst way to cut your teeth as a performer. But on the other, said learning of the ropes often goes down in front of a camera, meaning there's no escaping those earlier, sometimes embarrassing moments of trying to get to grips with the craft.

Look no further than Christina Ricci's assessment of her early work in 1995's Casper, with the star eventually noting on WTF with Marc Maron that she thought her 13 year-old self was "terrible" in the childhood treasure of a flick. Going further, when discussing the time she sat down with her own son to watch the child-friendly flick, Ricci couldn't help but analyse her work on a film she confessed to not trying as hard as she should have on:

"I remember just thinking like, 'Wow, that was not a good, no, not a believable line reading at all.' No commitment. Not a lot of commitment."

That being said, Ricci's apparent lack of effort in the project still couldn't stop Casper from pulling in nearly $300 million at the box office, so it wasn't all bad, eh?


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