10 Actors Who Went Undercover For Famous Movie Roles

These actors went the extra undercover mile for their chosen famous movie roles.

Rachel Mcadams Rachel Weisz Nude Sex Disobedience

There seems to be no real limit on just how far a game thespian is willing to go in order to thoroughly embody a character in whatever big screen project they've been signed on to star in.

You've no doubt heard of many of these nutty and wild ways a method or just plain freakishly committed performer has immersed themselves in the world of another personality, be that through refusing to drop a vocal quality throughout the entirety of a shoot, refusing to answer to any name but their character's or even going months without having a bath... should the part "require" said type of dedication.

But perhaps the most impressive, and arguably riskiest, form of research an actor can partake in comes in those attempts to fly under the radar and discover the truth behind the person they are playing by going undercover in a real-life scenario. As you'll see over the course of this list, not everyone successfully gets away with the act, either.

From genuinely going for a scoot about Scotland and adducting strangers, to opting to go back to school for a quick refresh, some of these actors might want to consider a career in espionage should sh*t ever hit the movie fan.

10. Constance Wu Earned $600 As An Undercover Stripper - Hustlers

Rachel Mcadams Rachel Weisz Nude Sex Disobedience
STX Films

One of the most unexpected of hits to tumble out of 2019 came in the form of the Jennifer Lopez-starring Hustlers, a film which follows a group of New York strippers who drug and steal money from various CEOs and stock traders over the course of the tale.

Among the many notable performances on show in the comedy drama was Constance Wu's portrayal of Destiny/Dorothy, a young stripper taken under the wing of Lopez's Ramona Vega. But getting stuck into the part wasn't just a case of Wu putting herself through a few hours of pole practise and rocking up to set. The actor went fully undercover in order to really get a sense of the world she was about to step into.

Far from just acting as a fly on the wall, though, Wu revealed on The Kelly Clarkson Show that she actually brought home $600 working as an undercover stripper, performing lap dances to strangers in order to accumulate the cash. Changing her hair and adding fake tattoos on her neck for her mission, Wu would also admit that the whole experience was "not funny" despite Clarkson's comical response to the revelation.


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