10 Actors Who Were Almost Fired From Famous Roles

Bullying others, being obsessive and inappropriate defecating - it's all here!

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It doesn't happen often, but occasionally Hollywood makes the tough decision to fire an actor. It can happen for all sorts of reasons, but usually it's because a) it turns out an actor doesn't fit the part in the way that the producer or director originally envisioned or b) said actor is causing too much havoc or disruption on set and it's proving counter-constructive to the production at large.

In both cases, it's often deemed to be for the good of the film to say goodbye to the original actor (just ask Eric Stoltz, Back To The Future's original Marty McFly).

Sometimes, though, an actor comes so incredibly close to being fired but just - by the skin of their teeth - manages to cling on for dear life, to the point where they either successfully convince everyone that they're right for the job after all, or the dust settles on an argument or dispute and the status quo returns.

Here are ten actors who, for various reasons, were nearly given the chop on famous roles, but though a run of sheer miracles wound up keeping their parts...


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