10 Actors Who Were Cast Against Type And Totally Nailed It

One-Hour-Photo-robin-williams-23183077-1024-768 As movie-goers, we actually like a fair amount of consistency when it comes to motion pictures - although we constantly preach that actors shouldn't just keep doing the same parts over and over again, we'd also quickly tire of performers who spent every movie playing a part that seemed completely at odds with the last. Johnny Depp is still working his way through this stage in his career, and isn't it super annoying? What I'm saying, then, is it's actually nice to have a bit of typecasting now and again, especially if certain actors are good at what they do. Which makes it all the more shocking and worthwhile when an actor who audiences are used to playing a certain type of character suddenly throws caution to the wind and ends up playing a part that they never expected them to embody at all. Sometimes this goes totally wrong and an actor is left feeling embarrassed, but a lot of the time it can give us a new perspective on familiar actors, and expose us to their hidden depths. To celebrate that very notion, here are 10 actors who were cast against their type and ended up nailing their roles entirely....
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