10 Actors Who Were Robbed Of Iconic Movie Roles By Injury

You gotta be more careful, guys!

Getting horribly injured is just one part of life that we all have to put up with from time to time. For most of us, being mauled or stabbed or punched so hard that your head spins around on its axis comes with a single hidden perk - you'll probably get a bit of time off of work. Still, whether or not that can actually be weighed as a "positive" depends on how bad the injury was: breaking all of your limbs in a skydiving accident probably isn't worth the months and months of therapy and loneliness that comes with not having to work, after all. Still, a minor injury like a sprained wrist or an unexpected allergic reaction might afford you a few precious days at home lounging around in your pants. And chances are you're not going to miss out on much at the office and can use the time to happily catch up on episodes of Orange Is The New Black. But if you happen to be a super famous actor, an injury has the power to make or break your entire career, or deny you the opportunity to take on an iconic role that might've launched you into the Hollywood limelight. Seriously. Check out the following 10 instances of actors getting injured and losing out on some seriously iconic parts...

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