10 Actors Who Were Totally Miscast As The Hero

Some actors just weren't made to fight the good fight.

The Incredible Hulk
Marvel Studios

Some actors are just synonymous with all things good.

Look no further than the consistent source of rugged charm that has been Harrison Ford over the decades, or the human stunt and million dollar smile machine Tom Cruise as just a few examples of those big-screen sensations that consistently fit the heroic role like a glove.

But not every actor finds slipping into the lighter side of the divide as easy as said Hollywood titans.

As difficult as it often can be to truly convince as an unsettling force of evil or suspicious potential antagonist, sometimes getting an audience on board with the idea of a certain actor being an epic hero they can truly get behind is even tougher to pull off effectively.

Now it's definitely worth highlighting how each and every name attached to this heroic misfire list have all proven at one time or another just how damn talented and, in some cases, how capable of playing an out-and-out goodie they are when the right part pops up.

But whether it was due to simply not being the right thespian for the protagonist job out of the gates, or delivering a leading turn that didn't produce what many had been hoping for heading into theatres, there's no denying that these actors just didn't quite nail the good life in the following features.

10. Jared Leto (As Morbius) - Morbius

The Incredible Hulk

Without a shadow of a doubt sitting as a fiercely committed and unquestionably talented soul, it's clear the Oscar-winning Jared Leto enjoys the idea of stretching his acting muscles and challenging himself with the most bizarre and unexpected roles on the market.

But in the part of Dr. Michael Morbius during this year's all-round Sony flop that was Morbius, it's clear the vampire anti-hero path was a challenge too far for the Thirty Seconds to Mars frontman.

Lacking any of the charm or fun of his fellow Sony Spider-Man Universe leading anti-hero Tom Hardy in the role of Eddie Brock, Leto broods and mumbles his way through the action and rarely gives those watching on a reason to care in the slightest about his troubled scientist at any point in the runtime.

It's not like the painful script aided the leading man's attempts to make Morbin' Time anything more than a flash in the pan tweet of the week either. But at least co-star Matt Smith tried to have a bit of a play with the often absurd material sent his way. Whereas Leto did next to nothing to elevate Sony's biggest SSMU disaster to date.


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