10 Actors Who Will Definitely Ruin Upcoming Movies

The Internet sure isn't feeling Chris Pratt's casting as Mario.

MARIO chris pratt
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A movie can be blessed with a great script and a terrific director, but that can end up meaning very little if the casting just isn't right.

In a worst case scenario, a sufficiently misguided casting choice can derail an entire film, ensuring the execution flat-out doesn't work or audiences simply aren't compelled to show up.

We've seen it time and time again, and so it's inevitable that some dodgy casting picks are destined to ruin many highly anticipated upcoming movies.

From problematic actors who represent a major PR obstacle to movie stars cast as iconic characters they seem so, so wrong for, these 10 performers - no matter how talented they are - are likely to be responsible for these films failing critically, commercially, or in a worst case scenario, both.

It's entirely possible they defy the odds of course, but given the general online reactions to these casting choices so far, things sure aren't looking good for them.

Fingers are crossed that things will work out for the best, but in many instances it's clear that the tidal wave of negative anti-hype simply can't be reversed...

10. Armie Hammer - Death On The Nile

MARIO chris pratt
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In the case of Armie Hammer and Death on the Nile, the damage has very clearly already been done - and it has nothing to do with the movie itself and everything to do with Hammer.

Kenneth Branagh's second entry into his Poirot movie franchise was shot way back in late 2019 but hit with extensive delays, during which time allegations of extensive sexual abuse were levelled against Hammer.

As the allegations flooded in, Hammer was cut loose from several film projects and dropped by both his publicist and talent agency WME. Understandably, this wasn’t great PR for the film and so they made the very brave and moral decision to just bury it until this all blows over!

With the size of Hammer's role making it near-impossible to reshoot, there's little choice but to release the movie as-is. As such, Hammer's front-and-center presence will unavoidably cast a dark pall over a film which is clearly supposed to be a fun, escapist mystery-thriller.

The film's inevitable commercial underperformance could kill the entire Poirot movie franchise, as it's tough to imagine Disney splashing the cash on a third film if this one tanks. And so, Hammer may not just ruin a single movie but derail a whole franchise. Oh, and allegedly countless womens’ lives, but since when does Hollywood care about that?


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