10 Actors Who Will Definitely Ruin Upcoming Movies

9. Kevin Hart - Borderlands

MARIO chris pratt
Warner Bros.

Casting decisions don't get much weirder than hiring Kevin Hart, the diminutive funnyman himself, to play badass, mostly humourless soldier Roland in Eli Roth's upcoming adaptation of hit video game Borderlands.

While Kevin Hart has promised fans that his Roland won't be a quippy motormouth, it's still incredibly difficult to bridge the mental gap between the character archetype Hart has made his money on and Roland, who is so totally the opposite.

That's not to say that Hart isn't capable of playing against type, but so much of his career is centered around his short stature and generally unintimidating presence that it's difficult to picture him bringing the necessary grit or attitude to the part.

Many fans naturally felt he would've been a much better fit to play the pint-sized comic relief bot Claptrap, a role which has instead been taken by his Jumanji co-star Jack Black.

Admittedly the cast and crew for Borderlands are generally such an oddball bunch - including the esteemed likes of Cate Blanchett and Jamie Lee Curtis - that it's difficult to imagine it being anything other than a total mess.

But Hart's casting is easily the most suspect part of the entire movie, and given his wildly mixed track record it's easy to believe he'll sink the whole thing.


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