10 Actors Who Will No Longer Work Together

You won't catch these actors collaborating together again any time soon.

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Striking up a strong, pleasant, and professional relationship with the people you're working with is a key factor to succeeding in just about any industry on the planet. And the world of moviemaking is no different.

That's why it's not uncommon for actors who initially get along like a house on fire during one particularly successful project to then go on to work together on multiple occasions; if it ain't broke, don't fix it, right?

Yet sometimes, what at first seems like a wonderful partnership between two talented thespians can eventually devolve into something much less efficient and tolerable. Now sure, it is called "acting", and many of these stars did manage to power through scenes with partners they ultimately came to despise, but that doesn't mean they will be willing to put themselves through a similar level of torture again.

From old flames making it known that they will not be sharing a set, even on the biggest TV show to ever grace our screens, to one-time buddies feeling they have no choice but to head in different directions due to one controversy too many, don't expect to see these one-time co-stars in another project together any time soon.

10. Julianna Margulies And Archie Panjabi

The Interview James Franco Seth Rogen

The luxury working on a stand-alone feature offers is the fact that, even if a pair of stars don't click or come to detest one another, once that movie is wrapped, they can just head their separate ways and agree to NEVER do this again - as you'll later learn.

However, the world of television is a very different beast altogether. Here, actors are usually forced to work together for years at a time, depending on how successful the show becomes. In the case of CBS' The Good Wife, a run of seven acclaimed seasons meant that the studio were forced to get creative when it came to having two of their feuding stars appear in the show together.

At first, the showrunners had found a way around this supposed rift by having both Julianna Marguilies and Archie Panjabi not appear in scenes together for three years. Yet, when it became apparent that the two would have to share a frame for the Season 6 finale, it was decided that filming the pair separately and using a green screen to achieve the shot was easier than having the combustible elements collide on set.


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