10 Actors Whose Careers Never Rebounded

9. Lindsay Lohan

Charlie Sheen
IFC Films

All joking aside, and there are plenty of easy ones to be made at her expense, addiction is a serious, medical and psychological condition that we don't fully understand to this day. It only worsens when one the one who is afflicted is granted unfettered access to their drug of choice (we're unclear just what Lohan's particular favourite vice is, but it ain't just fame), bolstered by a money-grubbing family that stands to profit from the addict's antics.

Lohan started out promising - the sweet, red-headed girl-next-door in roles like Mean Girls and the Freaky Friday remake. By the time fame-whore mother Dinah and her agents and posse and TMZ had had their way with her, though, let's but it this way: If I were Herbie, the sentient automobile in her reboot of the franchise, I'd still be nervous having her hands on my wheel.

The girl-next-door act mutated into some bleaker and though she's had stints in rehab, nothing says career failure like "reality show", which she has taken part in.

But it all culminated with a performance in the Brett Easton Ellis-scripted, Paul Schrader-helmed The Canyons in 2013, alongside porn star James Deen. Refusing at first to appear nude until everyone else on set was (Schrader volunteered), she was in full self-destruct mode.

There's still time to hope, but it's running short.


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