10 Actors You Won't Believe Almost Played Spider-Man

Because of course Charlie Sheen should've played Spidey at least once.

Spider-Man is arguably the most popular superhero of all-time - there's something inherently attractive about the idea of being imbued with his web-swinging abilities, not to mention the fact that he's totally nerdy and yet still manages to keep ahold of the voluptuous, gorgeous Mary Jane Watson. It's the sort of life that many of us might long for, although the constant onslaught of villains makes it a little less desirable (but only a little). Yes, it's true to say that Spider-Man encompasses everything required to make a great superhero: his popularity is justified. Spider-Man first made it to film 13 years ago, when director Sam Raimi - best known at the time for the likes of his Evil Dead movies - gave us what is still perhaps one of the best and most faithful comic book adaptations to have ever hit our screens. With Toby Maguire leading proceedings as nerd turned costumed fighter Peter Parker, and with Kirsten Dunst and James Franco providing support as Mary Jane Watson and Harry Osborn respectively, the film was an overwhelming box office success and helped to bring comic book adaptations to mainstream popularity. After two movie successful movies (only one of which was a critical hit), Sony decided to reboot the series and cast Andrew Garfield in the title role, rebranding the series as "The Amazing Spider-Man." As far as reboots go, director Marc Webb offered fans an entertaining and yet somewhat safe origin story. The sequel, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, was released in cinemas last week, and has succeeded in dividing audiences. Fans like to debate whether it's Maguire or Garfield who makes the best Spider-Man, of course, but what if the role had gone to somebody else? Join us as we take a look at 10 actors who - across the years - very nearly ended up playing Spider-Man. Whereas some of these guys will feel like relatively safe and obvious choices, some of the potential Peter Parkers listed here are downright insane...

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