10 Actors You Didn't Know Played The Same Character In Different Movies - Commenter Edition

9. J.K. Simmons - Terence Fletcher (Whiplash & Palm Springs)

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Though J. Jonah Jameson will always be J.K. Simmons' signature role, his most acclaimed performance is unquestionably that of Terence Fletcher, the fiery jazz instructor in Damien Chazelle's drama Whiplash - a turn which netted Simmons a well-earned Best Supporting Actor Oscar.

And while it follows that this was a simple one-off role without much in the way of repeat potential, Simmons did sneakily reprise the part for a single scene in the recent hit comedy Palm Springs.

Though Simmons' primary role is that of Roy, a man trapped inside the central time loop with Nyles (Andy Samberg), for a fleeting moment Simmons makes a "cameo" as Fletcher.

During the montage where Roy is torturing Nyles for getting him trapped in the time loop, he can briefly be seen wearing Fletcher's distinctive black shirt and also cracking a whip - as in Whiplash, get it?

Though this obviously isn't meant to be canon in any serious way, it's still a pretty hilarious callback to Simmons' Oscar-winning role.


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