10 Actors You Didn't Know Played The Same Character In Different Movies - Commenter Edition

These actors all sneakily reprised characters without you realising.

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It's a basic rule of Hollywood that any successful movie with franchise potential will end up spun off for as many sequels as audiences will throw down money for, usually with any surviving characters returning to reprise their roles.

Yet sometimes actors find surprising ways to deliver repeat performances, showing up in unexpected movies to play characters - or in rare cases, having already played the character before you even knew they had.

Memory is a fickle thing, and so it's entirely possible you've actually seen each of the movies listed, yet simply never connected the dots due to the small size of one of the roles, or perhaps the fact that one of them isn't strictly canon.

No matter how you missed these repeat performances, though, they certainly make for mind-blowing viewing when you finally put two and two together.

We've covered this subject before of course, but now inspired by your comments on our previous video, we return for another 10 actors you were blissfully unaware had played the same character in other movies...

10. Ben Stiller - Orderly Hal (Happy Gilmore & Hubie Halloween)

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If you dared to watch Adam Sandler's most recent Netflix Original comedy Hubie Halloween, you probably caught the fleeting cameo from Ben Stiller at the start of the movie, where Stiller plays a mustachioed orderly at the local mental hospital who refers to himself as "Hal L."

Like practically every Sandler comedy, the film is so thoroughly jam-packed with cameos that Stiller's presence doesn't really stick out at all, unless you're a big fan of Sandler's classic 1996 star vehicle Happy Gilmore.

In that film, Stiller makes a small appearance as a mentally deranged orderly who works at the nursing home where Happy's (Sandler) grandma (Frances Bay) lives.

That orderly's name? You guessed it - Hal. The characters' appearances and mannerisms are similar enough that it's clear Stiller is straight-up reprising the role in Hubie Halloween rather than Sandler simply offering up a cutesy Easter egg. Yet if you haven't seen Happy Gilmore in quite some time, it's easily missed.

And like that, the Sandler Cinematic Universe was born.


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