10 Actors You Didn't Know Were Coming Back For Movie Sequels

Back from the dead somehow still surviving slashers, and back for the Afterlife...

Scream Neve Campbell Courtney Cox David Arquette
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There are few things more exciting than discovering that a favourite actor is set to return for another franchise instalment.

Whether it's a resilient final girl appearing for one more scare in a classic slasher series, a loveable love interest showing their face again for another superhero sequel, or a couple of favourites who haven't been seen together onscreen in decades coming back, nothing confirms the legitimate excitement of a new instalment like a returning fan favourite.

That said, sometimes it seems as if there's no way certain characters will return, regardless of the actor's wishes. Some of these franchise favourites were seemingly offed at the end of their last instalments, whilst others appeared to have retired from the world of acting altogether, never mind retiring individual characters.

With these myriad circumstances in mind, this list is here to bring you ten actors who you weren't even aware were set to return for forthcoming sequels.

10. Robbie Amell And Bella Thorne - The Babysitter 2

Scream Neve Campbell Courtney Cox David Arquette

Fans of Charlie's Angels helmer McG's sleeper hit 2017 comedy horror The Babysitter have been saddened to hear that the film's breakout actor Samara Weaving is not confirmed to return in the eponymous starring role.

However, there's tentative reason to get excited about the upcoming sequel regardless.

After all, not only will the film's hero be returning alongside the actors playing his parents, comedy stalwarts Leslie Bibb and Ken Marino, but it's recently been confirmed that minor villains and majorly effective comic relief characters Bella Thorne and Robbie Amell will be back too.

And it's time for spoilers, in case you haven't seen the first film (get on that ASAP). If you're brushed up, right now you're wondering, wait didn't both of them die gruesomely and onscreen in the first film?

Well... yeah. So look forward to seeing how the screenwriters work their way out of that hole for the sequel.


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