10 Actors You Forgot Were In The X-Men Films

'X actor' was in that film?!


The original X-Men film recently celebrated its 20th anniversary. That movie spawned a series of mostly poorly managed outings whose only sense of continuity came from the fact that they seemed able to attract some very big name actors - you'll remember a lot of them: Patrick Stewart, Halle Berry, Michael Fassbender, the list goes on.

However, thanks to that aforementioned poor management of the franchise, there were a lot of really famous people that featured in the films that most would now be hard-pressed to remember even appearing, let alone who their characters were or what they did. For example, Bill Skarsgård (you know, Pennywise??) was in Deadpool 2 - something which if you do remember must mean that you are either Bill Skarsgård or Deadpool 2's casting director.

That's just one name in a Krakoan island's worth of forgotten times well-known actors appeared in the X-Men movies though. So, to celebrate both X1's anniversary and the soon to be released (well, we'll see) New Mutants, let's remind ourselves of some of the less obvious big names that played a part in building the film 'universe' of Marvel's best superhero team...

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