10 Actors You Won't Believe Don't Have Oscars Yet

Bradley Cooper still has his sights set on the Oscar that continues to allude him.

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The Academy Awards can be a fickle institution. They will gravitate towards the favourite performers they love to see and then somehow you end up with Meryl Streep having 21 nominations. Streep is incredibly talented and that is why she has generated three Oscar statuettes from that haul to prove it.

But, what about the other mega stars and cinematic artists that are yet to be truly rewarded? The ones that can seemingly get nominations but fail to secure that illusive win.

Four actors are awarded every year for their work and some of the individuals on this list have careers that span decades so surely they have a win or two right? Wrong, the incredibly talented stars on this list have been continuously overlooked by the Academy with nothing but a slew of nominations for their troubles.

They are all exceptional performers and deserve to be praised and credited as such. Everyone on this list are still alive and working, so don't expect record holder Peter O'Toole (eight nominations without a win) to pop up.

All of these actors still have time to win at the Oscars but if the statistics are anything to go by, the odds are most definitely not in their favour which is a shame considering their immense talent.

10. Helena Bonham Carter

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The celebrated actor recently known for her supporting turn on The Crown and for her enthusiastic villainy in the Harry Potter franchise has never won an Oscar. For that matter, she has never won a Golden Globe, an Emmy or an individual SAG award either making her one of the most beloved and talented actors to go so unrewarded.

Her two nominations are for her leading performance in The Wings of the Dove and her supporting performance in The King's Speech. It's startling that an individual with such a huge body of work with an assortment of memorable characters has only been nominated twice let alone never won.

Despite the eccentric energy that she imbues into all of her work, Helena Bonham Carter has so far managed to avoid winning at the Oscars. With the Academy constantly shifting its preferences for different performances, maybe Bonham Carter's time will come round eventually, she'd certainly deserve it.


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