10 Adam Sandler Films That Actually Didn't Suck

funny people adam sandler With the release of yet another terrible Adam Sandler movie in Grown Ups 2 (you can read my review here) it would be easy to stick the knife in and trot out every awful movie the much-criticised comic actor has ever made. But I figured I should head in a different direction and present 10 Sandler movies that actually don€™t suck. It's important to remember that it wasn€™t always this grim for Sandler. At one point he was a star of Saturday Night Live, which opened doors up to bigger and better opportunities. And throughout the 90€™s and early 2000€™s Sandler was a bankable name guaranteeing that your hard earned dollars would be well spent on something funny. But then sometime during the mid- 2000€™s Sandler unfortunately stopped caring about producing quality content and nowadays is a guarantee that the movie is a steaming pile of dung. It really is unfortunate how far down Sandler has spiraled and fizzled out. There was a time when I actually got excited to see the next Sandler flick, and that didn't always mean a slapstick comedy either as this list will prove. Maybe one day Sandler will crawl out of the gutter and start trying again but for now let€™s remember the good times. The times when Sandler€™s movies weren€™t soulless and devoid of creativity.

10. The Wedding Singer

theweddingsinger I don€™t know if it€™s all the funny 80€™s hairdos, the music, or the general vibe but I have always enjoyed The Wedding Singer. Like most Sandler comedies it€™s a generic romantic comedy but this one is grounded in reality. The Wedding Singer is not the only film where Drew Barrymore starred opposite Sandler as a love interest. 50 First Dates also saw them playing star-crossed lovers in a movie most would rather forget. I€™m almost certain someone out there is actually shaking their fist in anger for reminding them. My point though is that it's far easier to get invested in a romantic comedy when the gimmick isn't a concept pulled from absurdity like repeating 50 first dates. All they had to do in that movie was watch Memento for some ideas on how to remember important life aspects. Back to The Wedding Singer though, it has Adam Sandler playing a jerk wedding singer and drunkenly singing angry renditions of Love Stinks, You Spin Me Round, and more classics. Corny it definitely is but of all the romance plots featured in Sandler's films this is the best and most charming. It€™s not a comedy masterpiece but it does not attempt too much to begin with. It€™s simple in design and funny in execution.

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