10 Almost Great Movies Derailed By A Single Embarrassing Moment

Return Of The Jedi Most movies tend to stick with a consistent tone from beginning to end, because there's nothing more distracting than an awkward change-up when you least expect it. But do note that I said "most movies," because there are lots out there which fail to understand that the wrong scene can hurt a film in ways their filmmakers might never have expected - that's to say, almost great movies that contain what could be viewed as a singular embarrassing moment. So embarrassing is this moment, though, that you can't stop thinking about it for the remainder of the flick... Which means that, inadvertently, some of these embarrassing moments are the points on which your mind becomes fixed in the aftermath of having seen a movie, and even though you may have sensed some near greatness in places, it's impossible to separate the rest of the movie with the moment that had you cringing quite so badly. Here are 10 almost great movies that were derailed by a single embarrassing moment - no matter how hard we try, it's these Godawful inclusions that have lingered on our minds above all else. Such a shame it had to end like this.

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