10 Almost Great Movies Derailed By A Single Embarrassing Moment

10. Zion Rave - The Matrix Reloaded

The Matrix Reloaded Everybody knows that The Matrix Reloaded is nowhere near as mind-blowing (or entertaining, even) as the first movie in the Wachowski siblings' bombastic sci-fi trilogy, but it does have its flashes of greatness: it's hard to argue withe some of the stunning fight sequences, and there are some points at which you really feel like you were watching something that might have been genuinely great. Alas, the movie went a little too far down the rabbit hole. Which is to say, most of the "ill-judged" moments inherent to The Matrix Reloaded are bearable. I can take some of its horribly convoluted pseudo-philosophical conversations and occasional flashes of dodgy CGI - what's harder to forgiven is the awkward, cringe-worthy "Zion Rave" that takes place in the first hour. Hundreds of sweaty bodies, pumping techno music... I don't think anybody felt like they were watching The Matrix when this scene rolled around, partly because it had nothing to do with anything, and partly because... well, ew.

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