10 Almost Unfairly Likeable Actors

It almost seems unfair that these stars should be so successful in life and also manage to come off as genuinely good people.

It€™s really easy to hate on celebrities. They're rich, they're famous, they're gorgeous, and a lot of them have enough personality flaws where you feel like you're totally justified in disliking them. If they come off as arrogant or bitchy, then we don't have to feel like we're petty. We can convince ourselves that it's not that we're jealous of these matinee idols, we have legitimate reasons for hating their guts. Even though we've never met them and likely everything we've heard them say has been massively edited to fit a specific story. But then there are the actors who, no matter how hard we try, we have to like. They're so charismatic and seemingly friendly that you feel like you would be kicking a puppy to make fun of them. The more interviews of them you see, the more and more in love with them you are. And it almost seems unfair that these stars should be so successful in life and also manage to come off as genuinely good people. It's like, leave some of those positive characteristics for the rest of us, you greedy b**tards.

10. Tom Hanks

Show me a man who doesn't like Tom Hanks, and I'll show you a man I've just punched in the face. Because honestly, he is likeable on a superhuman level. He's one of those guys who isn't ridiculously attractive, but somehow manages to woo everyone, male and female alike, with his charm. But at the same time, he doesn't come off like someone who is trying too hard. He's made a career out of not taking himself too seriously, as we can see in his more comedic turns in things like Big, Bosom Buddies, and his series of appearances on Saturday Night Live. This proves a great counterpoint to his serious dramatic work in Philadelphia, Captain Phillips, and tons of other stuff. It's like, he doesn't always go for the Oscar bait, but he doesn't always try to do goofy comedies all the time either. It says a lot about a person that they can win two consecutive Best Actor Oscars (by the way, something only one other actor in history has ever done) and still be able to laugh at themselves. The good news? It's genetic. His son Colin Hanks seems to have inherited his likeability factor, as we've seen in his performances in the underrated gem Orange County and more recently on Mad Men.

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