10 Alternate Endings To 2019 Movies You Almost Saw

Joker was almost even MORE dark!!!

Joker Alternate Ending
Warner Bros.

Now that 2019 is out of the way, we can all look back on the highs and lows of the year. The ups and downs, if you will.

It wasn't the greatest year for film, by any means, with some stunning failures and the probable deaths (at least for now) of previously well-loved franchises like the Terminator. While there were towering high-points as well, it's sort of inevitable to look back on an uneven year at what might have been.

And judging by the alternate endings some of the biggest and most notorious films of the year could have had, it looks like a lot of things could have been very different. Who's to say that some of them wouldn't have been altogether better...?

Honourable Mention

Kylo Lives - Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker

Kylo Ren

Right now, this is no more than speculation, but rumour has it that there was another cut of The Rise Of Skywalker that JJ Abrams had intended us all to see before vast studio interference and recutting changed it entirely.

The Internet loves a good urban legend - particularly when a film has something as wrong with it as The Rise Of Skywalker did - and the suggestion here is that in Abrams' original plan, Kylo Ren was never supposed to die.

Thanks to extensive reshoots, super late editing work and some shots that appear to reveal lots of dialogue was cut between Rey and Kylo, the rumour-mongers suggest Ren was intended to live. Which is also why he weirdly fades when he dies and also why he doesn't reappear as a Force Ghost.

Maybe this is more just fans filling in gaps as an excuse, but there is some compelling evidence out there. Anyway, let's get to the endings we KNOW almost happened...

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